Homemade Gifts for Foodies

Homemade gift inspiration for foodies, with how to guides and recipes for you to create at home. Make a DIY food hamper your foodie friend will love.
Olivia Higgs
Nov 14
3 mins
Nov 14
3 mins

If you're looking for something extra special to give to a foodie but don't want to break the bank - homemade treats might be the way to go. We've put together a guide filled with inspiration on how you can put together a decadent hamper complete with homemade condiments, sweet treats, and culinary essentials. Let's dive in!

A Jar of Kimchi

Fermenting is a great way to make the most of local and seasonal produce. Thanks to the ‘New Nordic’ food movement, fermented foods like skyr and sourdough have made a come back to the modern kitchen. A great fermented gift to make and give is kimchi - deliciously tangy cabbage often fermented with red pepper flakes, garlic, ginger and spring onions. Why’s it a good gift you ask? You can use it in all sorts of dishes from pancakes, to bimbimbap, and even as a filling for dumplings with some minced pork. Kimchi actually originates in Korea - just before winter, people would harvest, salt and tightly pack their cabbages into large clay urns, and then bury them underground to avoid the cold winter frost. Don’t worry though, it’s got a lot easier to make over the years, and we’ve created a guide for you on how to make your own kimchi at home.

The Gift of Homemade Chocolate

Okay, this one is for that friend with that undeniable sweet tooth. We’ve put together a guide on how you can make your own chocolate truffles, and roll them in an assortment of colorful toppings - from pistachio and hazelnut, to desiccated coconut or even dried rose petals. All you’ll need to do after is find yourself a little box that you can house your truffles in. If you're feeling extra adventurous, you can even attempt to make your own bar of chocolate from scratch (starting with the cocoa pod). And just like you would the truffles, you can bring it together with that special someone's favorite nut or fruit, before packing it up and finishing it with a fancy ribbon.

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DIY Olive Oil

There’s something about a good quality olive oil that gives it a special place in the kitchen. This ancient ingredient has a habit of tying together a dish - whether it's for that final drizzle over hummus or in a comforting spaghetti Aglio e Olio. If you want something easy, infused oils always go down a treat with foodies. First pick your aromatics - garlic and chilli is a classic, but you could also infuse with woodier herbs like rosemary or thyme. Once you’ve decided, take a bottle of regular olive oil and your aromatics, and warm them on a low heat for around 10 minutes. Let everything cool, and pour and seal it all in a clean bottle. It’ll last for 3-4 months. If you're looking for something that bit more special, you can try making your own olive oil from scratch. Here’s our guide, complete with videos on how to prepare olives, extract the oil and store correctly. One bit of advice - make sure you have a pitter!

A Pot of Spiced Date Butter

For those cooler mornings, filled with frosty grass and misty windows, you can’t beat a warm, fluffy slice of bread lathered in a seasonal spread. Homemade fruit preserves and nut butters are a great way to play around with different flavors and unsurprisingly, make for a great gift. Try this date butter flavored with warming spices that’s almost guaranteed to get a thumbs up this year. The rich, deep flavor of the dates goes perfectly with middle eastern flavors like a baharat spiced bread, or with sweet breakfast dishes like a comforting bowl of porridge or slice of banana bread.

A Parcel of Tea Biscuits

Take a trip back in time with this recipe from the 1930’s for some delicious tea biscuits that’ll perfectly complement your favorite brew. You can flavor it however you like - we chose vanilla but there are endless options - think earl grey, citrus flavors or even something like matcha.

And if you want to give the gift of endless knowledge…

You can always gift one of our programs to that special someone. From Filipino desserts to Middle-Eastern spices, your favorite foodie will get endless inspiration, access to a closed community of foodies from all around the world, and most importantly, personal feedback and advice from some of the best chefs on the planet. Check out the available programs we’ve got.

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