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Live Class Brief: Israeli Fire Cooking

This week you will be planning your own recipe that you will be cooking on the live class. The course chefs have given you a brief to follow, with some tips and tricks as inspiration - but this is your recipe so don’t be afraid to get creative!

The Brief

Create a stuffed Arayes of your choice and serve alongside sauces you've learned across the 3 months. If you're making your own pita from scratch, come onto the live class with the dough already proofed. You can cook either on a barbecue or over a hot griddle pan indoors.

The Details

This brief challenges you to think about your own creation using the smokey flavours of the grill and playing around with different seasonal vegetables and meats. Some ways you can make this dish your own:

  • Fruit & Vegetables - Much of Israeli cuisine is centred around vegetables, so you can have some fun with smoking, blistering and grilling - aubergines, endive, cauliflowers and artichokes all being good options. You can also try different fruits such as grilled peaches with tahini or figs topped with silan (date syrup).
  • Meat filling - you can play around with different meats for your filling including beef for example or you can make a vegetarian version using falafel, different cheese, or tomatoes with plenty of fresh herbs for seasoning.
  • Spice and herb mixes - try creating your own spice blends, thinking about the balance - using delicate aromatics for a more subtle flavour being careful not to overpower with the sharper flavoured spices like cloves. If you're going for a fresher more Mediterranean flavour profile, experiment with different herbs and citrus ingredients.
  • Temperature - you can have some fun with temperature thinking about placement on the grill taking into account direct and indirect heat for a different grilling effect - whether you're looking to impart a delicate smokey flavour or going for a full char.
  • Condiments - throughout the duration of the course you have learnt how to create different tahinis by incorporating fresh herbs, you've used chickpeas to create a chunky masabacha dip, aubergine for a creamy baba ghanouj, fresh tomato resek and more, so think how you can turn your grill into a well-balanced feast.
Technical Bits
  • Double check the time of your live class on the calendar invite.
  • A zoom link will be sent to you with a reminder email the day before you are booked in.
  • Make sure to have your ingredients ready and weighed out before joining the class.
  • Pay special attention to the brief to make sure any pre-preparation that is required has been started before the class (e.g. proving, marinating, curing).
  • Bring your laptop or tablet to your preparation area in the kitchen so you can easily show the chef your dish and techniques you are using.
  • Have your recipe development planning ready before hand.
Prepare With Your Community

Before each live class, take the opportunity to speak with your cohort. If you are struggling with ideas, the Rassa community is on hand to give you some ideas or feedback on your recipe.

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