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Live Class Brief: Jaffa Lunch

This week you will be planning your own recipe that you will be cooking on the live class. The course chefs have given you a brief to follow, with some tips and tricks as inspiration - but this is your recipe so don’t be afraid to get creative!

The Brief

Savoury: Create your own Jaffa lunch spread by taking a cauliflower and getting the most flavour out of it as you possibly can. Serve alongside a flavoured Masabacha and either Falafel or Kibbeh.


Sweet: Create your own Zohar cake taking inspiration from the seasons and the floral/botanical etc ingredients of Israel.

The Details

This brief is designed to get you thinking about how to combine the region's characteristic flavours found both in savoury and sweet dishes. Some ways you can make this dish your own:

  • The street food stand vendors are always getting creative, putting their own modern spin on ancient recipes that have been passed down through the generations as well as bringing them back to their more natural roots. Take inspiration from nature, for example, trying different florals and essences for your zohar cake, or for your Jaffa lunch spread trying different, fresh herbs, zests and spices.
  • What makes the markets of Jaffa and also Tel Aviv so unique, are the mix of cultures. You can take your creation in different directions depending on the cultural influence you decide to go down - exploring spices of the middle east, or the sour pickling flavours of eastern Europe or Persian botanicals.
  • When it comes to presentation, you can pick an ingredient from the main body of your dish to add visual garnish. So for your orange blossom cake, you could candy some orange slices to put on top of your cake or try topping with different garden herbs which complement the dish aromatics. If you're going down the savoury route, you could play around with different condiments for adding a drizzle of colour on top of your dish or different crumbs - using crushed nuts, seeds and spices.
  • Of course, as always, look locally for inspiration. This module is all about street food culture and feasting on a spread of dishes. See how local vendors in your area are getting creative with different flavours, or look to different fruits in your region for flavouring your cake. If you grow certain herbs and aromatics in your garden or feel comfortable foraging, you can look to your local terrain for flavour and fragrance ideas for your dishes.
Technical Bits
  • Double-check to see what time your live class is at on the calendar invite
  • A zoom link will be sent to you with a reminder email the day before your class.
  • Make sure to have your ingredients ready and weighed out before joining the class
  • Pay special attention to the brief to make sure any pre-preparation that is required has been started before the class (e.g. marinating, curing)
  • Bring your laptop or tablet to your preparation area in the kitchen so you can easily show the chef your dish and techniques you are using.
  • Have your recipe development planning ready before hand.
Prepare With Your Community
  • Before each live class, take the opportunity to speak with your cohort. If you are struggling with ideas, use the Rassa community to give you some ideas or feedback on your recipe.

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