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Live Class Brief: Tel Aviv Brunch

This week you will be planning your own recipe that you will be cooking on the live class. The course chefs have given you a brief to follow, with some tips and tricks as inspiration - but this is your recipe so don’t be afraid to get creative!

The Brief

Your challenge is to make your own Tel Avivian brunch creating either a Shakshuka or Bourekitas dish with an accompaniment of your choosing (condiments, salads etc.).

The Details

This brief is designed to get you thinking about how to combine different flavours and textures to create the ultimate breakfast feast. Some ways you can make this dish your own:

  • This is a cuisine influenced by many cultures - Tunisian, Syrian, Lebanon, the Ashkenazi Jews to name a few! So you can have some fun exploring these different influences using them as inspiration for the flavours and ingredients you use. Think, olives for a Mediterranean twist or different Lebanese spices.
  • Let’s talk spices! For even more flavour and aroma, grind whole spices just as you’re about to use them. Don't be afraid to experiment with your spices taking care, if you're dry roasting them, to do them in the right order adding the more delicate ones to the pan last. Again, use the influence of the different cultures that are found in the cuisine to guide your flavour choices.
  • Texture - a lot of what makes the Tel Aviv brunch spread so intriguing is the use of layering textures. Combining crispy croutons, with crunchy nuts and vegetables as well as silky smooth cheeses and condiments. You can have some real fun building up the textures in your final dish.
  • Think about colour. Remember this is just as much a feast for your eyes as it is for your stomach. When picking how to garnish your dish think of contrasting colours like vibrant green herbs or different seeds like pomegranate. Your condiments and salads are also a great way to add a splash of colour with the herbs, vegetables and fruits you choose to use.
  • What’s local to you? If you’re creating a salad to go with your dish, play around with different fruits depending on what is local to your region, for example apples or if you want to mix up the citrus in the fennel bishbash you can try lemon, orange or blood oranges for the colour. Keep an eye out as well for what’s in season for more flavoursome ingredients.
Technical Bits
  • Check to see what time your cohort live class has been booked in for
  • A zoom link will be sent to you with a reminder email the day before you are booked in.
  • Make sure to have your ingredients ready and weighed out before joining the class
  • Pay special attention to the brief to make sure any pre preparation that is required has been started before the class (e.g. proving, marinating, curing)
  • Bring your laptop or tablet to your preparation area in the kitchen so you can easily show the chef your dish and techniques you are using.
  • Have your recipe development planning ready before hand.
Prepare With Your Community

Before each live class, take the opportunity to speak with your cohort. If you are struggling with ideas, use the Rassa community to give you some ideas or feedback on your recipe.

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