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Explore Binondo - the oldest Chinatown in the world
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Binondo in Manila is recognised as the oldest Chinatown in the world and was created under Spanish rule. The original purpose was to have the Chinese population who had immigrated over to the Philippines restricted to one area, keeping them close enough for easy access to labour but separate from the locals or Spanish aristocracy since they were distrustful of the Chinese at the time due to fears of a potential invasion from China. Interestingly for the time, they were allowed a small amount of autonomy as the land was given to them tax-free and were allowed to assign their own governor. Later on in the mid-19th century the area became a commercial hub and was nicknamed the “Wall Street of the Philippines”. The financial hub has since shifted but what remains is a hub known for its food and Filipino-Chinese businesses. Watch as Gene takes you on a tour!

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