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Exploring the Bakeries of Israel
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Bread is major part of the communities and cultures in Israel from the buzzing market bakeries to the push carts overloaded with sesame-decorated Jerusalem bagels. What you see in Israel today are ancient bakeries with Ottoman roots sitting alongside the new and rising cafe culture and this video will give you a window into the changing food landscape and that all important context to the breads and pastries you make throughout the course.

  • Baking is a great way of understanding the diversity of Israeli society exploring both ingredients native to the land and the influences brought from immigrants around the world. In what is often described as the most contentious bit of real estate in the world, seeing these bakeries coexisting certainly brings more weight to the phrase breaking bread.
  • Visit Hamotzi (המוציא), a Jewish bakery, brimming with challah, babka and hamantashen - triangular pastries which in Israel, are called 'oznei haman', which means Haman's ears, representing the ears of the villain Haman and they are eaten for the holiday of Purim to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. Side by side you see classic Jewish breads from across the diaspora with more modern, vegan varieties.
  • Abouelafia bakery - this 4th generation bakery has been around since 1879 and is housed in a wonderful piece of Ottoman architecture. Explore some traditional Arab breads and pastries including, sambousek cheese pastries, manakish bread topped with a glossy layer of olive oil and za'atar, baklava and sweet knafeh - it really is the house of pastries!
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