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Mangal Fire Cooking
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It’s time to chat mangal! Mangal grill is an influence brought over to Israel by the Turkish jewish population. Mangal means to barbecue but also refers to the grill itself, and it’s a word derived from the Arabic word manqal meaning ‘portable’ which was used to refer to the portable heaters Bedouin tribes carried with them to warm their tents in the desert when the temperatures dropped overnight. A traditional mangal is a big affair which takes time and is the perfect excuse to gather friends and family together for a real feast outdoors. Once the coals are hot, you’ll find a whole host of meats grilling away - chicken, fish and kebabs all covered in aromatics, and when it comes to serving, the table will fill with an elaborate mezze spread of salads, dips, relishes and warm, fluffy bread. In Israel, it’s in this mezze where you’ll see the wide range of influences which represent the global Jewish population - Eastern European, Greek, North African, the Middle East and beyond.

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