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Sea Foraging on North Bull Island
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People have been foraging for edible plants in Ireland for centuries but much of this traditional knowledge was lost during the famine times. Nowadays, chefs and hobbyists alike have been looking to reconnect with the wild and have been identifying and picking wild ingredients to use in their kitchens.

Our hunter-gatherer instincts have given way to picking out our groceries from the supermarket aisles but what is driving the renewed interest in wild foods, is the accessibility - looking along the seashore, in your local woodlands, or even in your back garden. With each season comes new and exciting ingredients, in Ireland, you’ll find wild garlic in the spring, elderflower and samphire in the summer, autumnal berries, and winter rosehip. All year-round, you’ll find nettles, dandelions, and Alison’s topic today - sea vegetables.

Alison shows us the wild ingredients on North Bull Island, a sand spit in Dublin Bay. Looking at sea beet and sea purslane, she shows how to pick them sustainably and how to treat and cook them in the kitchen.

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I've worked in a variety of restaurants from casual to Michelin star and follow the ethos of using the best local produce from our Island.