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Breaking down our meat

I want to take you through a variety of different animals and cuts of meat that we can start to think about using for the live class. In this video we will look in more depth at some of the meat that has been used on the course and some other ideas I have for you, to use in the live class.

Our brief for this month for our final live class is to create a dish using two cuts from a sustainably sourced animal. In this video we will look at a variety of different cuts from a whole chicken to a rabbit like Alison used.

Getting Creative

  • Chicken - one of the most popular meat varieties that can be sourced sustainably. We can also look to source different varieties of chicken. For the live class consider different ways to cook and serve the breast and how to use the legs or wings.
  • Pork - with pork we have seen Daniel's pork cheek recipe but for the live class start to think about different cuts with different cooking times and textures. We should be thinking about cuts that turn incredibly tender and pull apart as well as more quick cooking cuts that will hold their shape. Pay particular attention to the sustainable credentials when buying pork.
  • Game - perhaps the most sustainable way to eat meat. Shot in season game meat can be a great way to reduce our carbon footprint. Try using a variety of cuts that will help achieve a well-rounded dish.
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