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Fruit Compotes

In this video I will take you through my basic compote recipe which you can use for your Zohar cake and to get creative with the seasons. Compotes are a great way to use up leftover fruit and play around with aromatics.

I have a selection of fruits in front of me from pears to peaches but the compote I'll take you through is an apricot variation.

With this recipe I suggest tasting as you go and adding ingredients by taste and eye.

Base compote method

Step 1

Prepare your fruit as needed - whether it's deseeding them or peeling.

Step 2

Cut your fruit as you wish and add them to a pan.

Step 3

Add sugar and spices of your choice along with a touch of water.

Step 4

Add to the heat and cook your fruit down until they become soft but still hold some of their shape (5 - 10 minutes depending on the fruit).

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