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Toppings for your Arroz Caldo

Gene takes you through the varieties and history of Arroz Caldo. Use his ideas as a way to get creative when creating your own recipe.

Arroz Caldo is a type of Lugao that is ever present in Filipino cookery. Lugao is a family of porridge-like dishes and are often thought of as comforting dishes for when you are feeling unwell (its 'mushy' texture is easy to eat and its a dish filled with healthy ingredients). There are a huge number of variations so it's perfect for kicking things off and thinking how we can get creative with it for our first live class.

This chicken porridge is flavoured with ginger, garlic and chicken stock and then Mark, tops his with calamansi, patis, salted duck eggs and garlic (to name a few toppings). Now, what this video will show you is how we begin to think about adapting this Arroz Caldo to wider varieties of Lugao and give you inspiration on how to make it your own.

Getting creative

  • Tofu - Tofu is a great way of getting protein into your recipe, it will add a slight crunch in texture once fried but most importantly it is an easy way to start turning your Arroz Caldo into a recipe suitable for vegetarians or vegans.
  • Stock - Being a porridge, a main part of this recipe is the liquid that helps create it. From chicken broths to beef bone stocks. This will help you change the flavour of your recipe and introduce new flavours with your toppings.
  • Dipping sauce - The participative nature of Filipino cuisine allows for great creativity. Begin to flavour your soy dipping sauces in different ways, with chilli, citrus fruits, herbs and onions.
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