🍞 WEEK 2: Foraged Delicacies
This week is a great opportunity to learn more about foraged ingredients and you can even have a go at doing some foraging of your own! You will be making a seaweed Soda Bread which is a twist on an Irish staple, using Irish dulse (also known as dillisk) seaweed. Seaweed was originally seen as the β€˜poor man’s food’ but this tasty delicacy is making its way back into Irish restaurants and adventurous home kitchens alike. As usual, make sure you double-check the equipment and ingredients you need to buy ahead of time and keep your Rassa box nearby for those specialist items.
πŸ“Ί Watch and Learn - Rassa Stories
Have a watch to understand the context to what you’re learning. This month we’re looking at Irish bread making, which is at the heart of the food landscape in Ireland linked with the island’s historical relationship with creameries, heritage grains and the country farmhouse. You’ll meet Andrew and Leonie Workman, two millers from Dunany Flour who create a coarse grain flour perfectly suited to the classic Irish soda bread and Chef Alison will take you on a foraging walk looking at sea vegetables.
Sea Foraging on North Bull Island
People have been foraging for edible plants in Ireland for centuries but much of this traditional knowledge has been lost. Watch as Chef Alison guides you through foraging for sea vegetables.
Dunany Flour
The traditional mills which exist today are not only a homage to what has come before but also play a key part in a more sustainable future. Meet Andrew and Leonie Workman of Dunany Flour.
πŸ“— Lessons For The Week
Recipe Development - Seaweed Soda Bread
Follow along to see how Alison puts her own take on a classic, drawing influence from the Irish coastline, local suppliers and heritage ingredients.
Ingredients Introduction - Seaweed Soda Bread
Discover the natural saltiness of wild Irish seaweed and how Alison develops texture to her loaf using a coarse flour, oats and buckwheat.
Hands On Learning - Seaweed Soda Bread
Master the soda bread, using buckwheat and oats for texture and foraged seaweed for flavour. Enjoy munching a slice alongside some freshly whipped butter.
Share with the community
Access the rest of your group by clicking on the button below where you can share your ideas and photos of your bread loaf or if you get stuck you can ask the chefs for help.
πŸ’­ Creative Inspiration
Rosehip Jam with Kevin Dundon
Keeping to the theme of foraging this week, have a try of Kevin’s rosehip jam recipe. Feel free to make this jam recipe your own seeing what’s in your back garden or in any nearby woodlands throughout the seasons.
πŸ“– Further Reading
Learn more about the history of Irish seaweed and its role in Irish culture. Have a read on our blog by clicking below.
Irish Seaweed: From Famine Food to Foraged Delicacy
Amongst the rockpools and sea sprayed cliffs, seaweed grows freely, but only recently chefs, farmers and foragers have started paying attention to this long overlooked delicacy.