It’s the last week of the smoking module which means…time to get creative! Play around with different aromatics and smoking fuels and if you’re wondering what to do with any leftover fish, Kevin has a delicious chowder recipe to make sure nothing goes to waste.
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If you’re after any inspiration for your dish or have some questions ahead of the live class - ask away in the #LiveClass channel. This is also where you can share your sketches, recipe development process or even any interesting ingredients you’re planning to use in your dish.
πŸ“Ί If You Haven't Already - Watch and Learn
Sustainable Fishing in County Howth
From the fishing village of Howth Chef Daniel talks about the role of fish in Ireland, visiting the local fishmonger and explaining how to go about using your fish sustainably.
Stories from a Peat Bog in County Offaly
For many, turf (or peat) brings back childhood memories of granny’s kitchen. It’s the distinctive smell of Irish nostalgia that conjures up images of glowing windows in cosy cottages and family hospitality. Find out more about life on a peat bog.
πŸ“™ Get Ready To Go Live
Your Brief For The Live Class
For the fish smoking live class your challenge is to create your own fish recipe using either hot or cold smoking techniques. If you’re doing a long cure or hot smoking outside, you can prepare this ahead of the class.
πŸ’­ Get Inspired
This week the chefs encourage you to put together your own smoked fish dish thinking about different sides and condiments. Kevin Dundon offers some inspiration for how you can play around with pickling and the classic Irish potato and he gives you a drink suggestion perfect for a chilly evening and for rounding out your meal.
Pickled Cucumbers with Kevin Dundon
Pickling is a great way to preserve vegetables and fruit you have in the kitchen or a way to capture the taste of the seasons for enjoying all year round. As a preservation method it was a popular way of stretching the harvest, getting the most out of fresh produce and surviving long journeys on rough seas. Try out Kevin Dundon's recipe for pickled cucumbers and don't be afraid to experiment with what's in season.
Irish Boxty with Kevin Dundon
The use of leftover mashed potato, is a legacy from the times where Ireland was a poorer country affected by the heavy hands of British politics as well as the Catholic Church. Thrifty cooks found creative ways of making their leftovers stretch further and Irish Boxty, a delicious potato pancake, is the perfect example of this ingenuity.
Irish Mead
Mead is often called honey wine as it’s brewed from honey, yeast and water. It has been around in Ireland for hundreds of years, first made in secrecy by Irish monks. Home cooks and chefs alike still have their fascination with this old liquor as not only is it versatile but it's a great comfort on a cold, damp day.
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The perfect companion to a cup of tea, have a read of our articles to discover more about Ireland’s culture. Learn more about the science behind fish smoking, how to flavour your smoke and Ireland's history with fish.
Flavoured Fire: Get the most out of smoking fish & meats
Learn how to add flavour to your smoke when smoking fish and meats on the barbecue. Read on for ideas on how to make use of leftover scraps and peels as well as how to use herbs and spices in your smoking.
The Science Behind Fish Smoking
As one of the most ancient forms of food preservation, fish smoking is a simple process but what is the science behind fish smoking?
Ireland's Love-Hate Relationship With Fish
For an island nation with a wealth of diverse fish just off its shores, Ireland's relationship with seafood has often been choppy but now it's seeing a seafood renaissance.