Moving into your last month, you’ll be learning how to cook sustainably in the kitchen making use of alternative meat cuts, making the most of your leftovers and cooking in line with the seasons. This week you’ll be making a venison loin dish using a variety of techniques including salt-baking your beetroots and using the naturally occurring pectins in the blackberries to thicken your fruit puree.
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If you have any questions, around plating or cooking game meat, Kerry is on hand to answer. You can easily access the community forum below to ask away as well as share your food creations.
πŸ‘‹ Module Introduction
πŸ“• Lessons For The Week
Recipe Development - Venison with Salt-Baked Beetroot
This week Kerry guides you through the key components of her wild dish which is closely linked to her local area and the seasonal calendar. She explains how you can make the dish your own, turning to local producers and the flavours of your local area.
Ingredients Introduction - Venison with Salt-Baked Beetroot
This week you’re taking on the lean game meat, venison and combining the meat’s rich flavour with seasonal berries, spices and alcohol. Fresh ingredients at the height of their season are what make this dish really sing.
Hands On Learning - Venison with Salt-Baked Beetroot
To kick off this month, you’ll be taking on venison loin learning how to get the most out of game meat and how to pair flavours together. This is also a great dish to get creative with your plating, putting a focus on seasonal colours.
πŸ“– Further Reading
Have a read of how chefs and cooks in Ireland are turning back to their roots for a more sustainable way of cooking, taking guidance for what is grown locally in their area and following the local seasons.
Sustainable Irish Cuisine - The humble roots of the new Irish Kitchen
Irish food producers are embracing the diversity and seasonality of what they can grow on their doorstep for a more sustainable Irish cuisine.