🐰 WEEK 10: Nose To Tail
This week you’re trying an alternative game meat - rabbit. Rabbits have had quite a journey in Ireland, going from pests to stewing meat to then losing out on popularity to chicken but in recent years, they’re seeing a comeback on dining tables among chefs across the country who are seeing it as a more sustainable alternative to mass farming. If you’re feeling adventurous you can also take on some butchery, breaking down the different parts of the rabbit, and learn different cooking techniques for working sustainably with meat in the kitchen.
πŸ“Ί Watch and Learn - Rassa Stories
Irish craft cider has seen new life in recent years with entrepreneurs bringing new creativity to ancient techniques. Learn more about the apple harvest and how Irish cider is made. Also hear from deer hunter Jim, who promotes game as a sustainable alternative to farmed meats.
Meet Irish deer hunter Jim Nolan
Transport yourself to the picturesque Wicklow Mountains and its glacial valleys as Jim invites you into his world as an Irish hunter.
Exploring Irish Apple Cider with Stonewell Cider
Craft cider making has seen a revival in recent years in Ireland putting care and skill into the taste and character. Listen to the founder of a craft cidery take you through apple harvesting and the cider making process.
πŸ“— Lessons For The Week
Recipe Development - Saddle of Rabbit
Alison takes you through her thought process of the dish how she minimises wastage by using as much of the animal as possible in her dish as well as highlighting Ireland’s produce through heritage crops and wild ingredients.
Ingredients Introduction - Saddle of Rabbit
Get to know the ingredients you will be working with this week including your rabbit, your fat for preservation and binding your confit, as well as the garnishes and wild ingredients to finish the dish. You’ll also be using Irish cider for your sauce which has a long cultural history in Ireland.
Hands On Learning - Saddle of Rabbit
This week is technique heavy - get ready to dive into butchering, roasting, preserving, reducing and plating. Don’t worry, the chefs and the community are on hand to help with tips and alternatives so no matter your experience level, you can create your perfect dish.
Share with the community
If you have any questions, for example around the butchery or seasonal alternatives to the vegetables and greens used in the dish, Alison would be happy to answer. You can easily access the community forum below to ask away as well as share your food creations.
πŸ’­ Creative Inspiration
Irish Game Stew
Considered the national dish of Ireland, the Irish stew is a hearty dish packed full of flavour originating from the rural, peasant communities. The stew is very forgiving to tougher cuts of meat so it's a great way to use offcuts and leftovers. Kevin's version is with rabbit and a comforting splash of cream - enjoy!
πŸ“– Further Reading
Ireland has all the ingredients (excuse the pun) to be a leader in food sustainability. Have a read to find out how chefs are turning an eye to the past when thinking about the future of food.
Sustainable Irish Cuisine - The humble roots of the new Irish Kitchen
Irish food producers are embracing the diversity and seasonality of what they can grow on their doorstep for a more sustainable Irish cuisine.