✍ WEEK 12: Your Live Class
Congrats on making it to the final week of your course! This week you can take all that you have learned across the three modules to put a sustainable Irish dish together. Take the chance to ask the chefs any lingering questions and don't be afraid to get creative!
Share with the community
Share your ideas with the chefs and your peers. If you're stuck for inspiration, ask away or throw some ideas out there for feedback.
📺 If You Haven't Already - Watch and Learn
Meet Irish deer hunter Jim Nolan
Transport yourself to the picturesque Wicklow Mountains and its glacial valleys as Jim invites you into his world as an Irish hunter.
Exploring Irish Apple Cider with Stonewell Cider
Craft cider making has seen a revival in recent years in Ireland putting care and skill into the taste and character. Listen to the founder of a craft cidery take you through apple harvesting and the cider making process.
📙 Get Ready To Go Live
Your Brief For The Live Class
For the final live class your challenge is to create a dish using two cuts from a sustainably sourced animal. You can get creative with your flavours taking inspiration from everything you have learned throughout the course.
💭 Creative Inspiration
Rowanberry Syrup with Kevin Dundon
The rowanberry features heavily in Celtic traditions and makes a delicious syrup. You can add this syrup to sauces in savoury dishes (these berries are delicious paired with game meats) or to add a burst of flavour to sparkling water, drizzled over cheeses and cured meats or used in desserts.
Irish Game Stew
Considered the national dish of Ireland, the Irish stew is a hearty dish packed full of flavour originating from the rural, peasant communities. The stew is very forgiving to tougher cuts of meat so it's a great way to use offcuts and leftovers. Kevin's version is with rabbit and a comforting splash of cream - enjoy!
Getting to know your meat
In this video we will look in more depth at some of the meat that has been used on this course and some other ideas I have for you, to use in the live class. Get creative with different meat cuts using as much of the animal as possible to create a sustainable dish.
📖 Further Reading
If you haven't already, have a read about the renewed interest in Irish game meat, how this ancient cuisine is well suited to seasonal cooking and how to do your own cider tasting at home.
How to do a cider tasting
Have a read of how to go about doing a cider tasting and what characteristics to keep an eye out for.
Cooking with the Seasons
Given Ireland's mild, wet climate the harvest season is long and fruitful, which is why many Irish chefs opt for seasonal cooking.
Irish Game Meat - A Sustainable Option
Wild game meat is a sustainable alternative to cooking with chicken in the kitchen. We're returning to our roots with game meat becoming more popular than ever.