🐟 WEEK 10: Into The Fire
This week you'll be trying Eyal's personal take on a classic Middle Eastern staple, swapping out meat for a beautiful flaky fish, using the open flame as a way of amplifying the delicate flavours of the seabass. Alongside your fish kofte you'll also be making the aubergine dip baba ghanouj with an added layer of sweetness by using silan, a syrup made from dates which are a specialty of the fertile region of Galilee in Israel and are strongly associated with biblical history alongside olives, figs and pomegranates.
πŸ“Ί Watch and Learn - Rassa Stories
Eyal shows you one of the biggest influences on grill foods in Israel - Turkish Mangal. This feast is best shared with others and in Israel it has taken on influences from the wider Jewish diaspora. Ben, who is an insider in the Tel Aviv food scene, shares the neighbourhood of Neve Sha'anan with you where new cultural influences are making their mark on the city.
Mangal Fire Cooking
A traditional mangal is a big affair which takes time and is the perfect excuse to gather friends and family together for a meat feast and an elaborate mezze spread of salads, dips, relishes and warm, fluffy bread.
The Neve Sha’anan Neighbourhood
Food tour guide and Tel Avivian, Ben takes you around the neighbourhood of Neve Sha’anan in Tel Aviv to give you a glimpse into where Israel’s food scene could head towards in the future.
πŸ“— Lessons For The Week
Recipe Development - Fish Kofte &Β Baba Ganoush
Eyal talks you through seasoning, how to balance flavours, blister vegetables and how to incorporate characteristic middle eastern flavours like the fruit syrups of dates or pomegranate molasses for a sweet depth in the baba ghanouj dip. He'll also explain how you can make it your own by playing around with different vegetables and seasonings linked to the seasons.
Ingredients Introduction - Fish Kofte &Β Baba Ganoush
Discover the key ingredients Eyal uses for his kofte, how to identify freshness and quality when selecting your fish and how to balance the warming spice of cumin with fresh mediterranean herbs and citrus fruits.
Fire Up The BBQ - Fish Kofte &Β Baba Ganoush
Try your hand at some fishmongery skills, making your own fish kofte for grilling on the barbecue and getting a nice char. Alongside your kofte you'll be making a sweet baba ghanouj using silan - a syrup made from dates, one of mankind's oldest foods.
Share with the community
Chef Eyal is happy to ask any questions around the fishmongery or how to find the best quality produce for your dish. Don't forget to share your creations with the rest of the community and any interesting flavour combinations you come up with. Click to access the community forum below.
πŸ’­ Creative Inspiration
Grilled Cabbage with Fennel
Origins: Levantine
Blackened, blistered, charred, smokey…however you want to describe it, this technique for vegetables and fruits can be seen in a wide range of different cultures around the world and the food of the Levant is no exception. This recipe can stand on its own for a light lunch or makes for a great side dish alongside a grill spread.
πŸ“– Further Reading
Intrigued to know more? Have a read below of the influences of the Ottoman Empire and what gives challah its legendary status.
The Empire of Food: The Ottoman influences still felt across Middle Eastern cuisine
For over 600 years, the Ottoman Empire ruled the Balkans and the Middle East sharing food across the many borders they ruled over
Manna From Heaven: What Makes Challah So Special?
Challah is both a source of spiritual remembrance and physical nourishment in the Jewish community. If you haven't already, try out Chef Eyal's version.