✍ WEEK 12: Your Live Class
So time to put your mastery of the barbecue coals to the test! This is your last live class of the course so you can pull on all that you have learned across the 3 modules to complete your final dish.
Share with the community
If you have any questions around equipment or barbecue tools or are just after a pinch of inspiration, the Rassa community is the place to go to. Post away in the community and your course peers and chefs will be on hand with recommendations. The more you share, the more you benefit from each other's learnings!
πŸ“Ί If You Haven't Already - Watch and Learn
Mangal Fire Cooking
A traditional mangal is a big affair which takes time and is the perfect excuse to gather friends and family together for a meat feast and an elaborate mezze spread of salads, dips, relishes and warm, fluffy bread.
The Neve Sha’anan Neighbourhood
Food tour guide and Tel Avivian, Ben takes you around the neighbourhood of Neve Sha’anan in Tel Aviv to give you a glimpse into where Israel’s food scene could head towards in the future.
πŸ“™ Get Ready To Go Live
Your Brief For The Live Class
Your challenge for the week is to create a stuffed Arayes of your choice. Come onto the live class with proofed pita dough, cook the pita filling over an open flame and serve alongside sauces you've learned across the 3 months.
πŸ’­ Creative Inspiration
Pickling with Eyal
Origins: Ashkenazi & Arab
Eyal gives you a versatile recipe for playing around with pickling. He shows you two variations with distinct cultural differences which can be used alongside a grill spread or for enjoying at the end of your meal to balance out a heavier dish.
Grilled Cabbage with Fennel
Origins: Levantine
Blackened, blistered, charred, smokey…however you want to describe it, this technique for vegetables and fruits can be seen in a wide range of different cultures around the world and the food of the Levant is no exception. This recipe can stand on its own for a light lunch or makes for a great side dish alongside a grill spread.
Malabi Toppings
Origins: Iran & Middle East
Eyal gives you some inspiration for how you can get creative with different fruit syrups and garnishes. He encourages you to experiment with the seasons when it comes to picking your fruits and to introduce different textures to your sweet malabi dessert.
πŸ“– Further Reading
If you haven't already, have a read about the influences of the Ottoman empire on the Middle East, different ways of bringing seasonal cooking into your kitchen and all about the history of the mighty pistachio.
The Green Nut: A brief history of the Pistachio
Follow the history of the Pistachio, from the hanging gardens of Babylon, to the Roman Empire
The Empire of Food: The Ottoman influences still felt across Middle Eastern cuisine
For over 600 years, the Ottoman Empire ruled the Balkans and the Middle East sharing food across the many borders they ruled over
Israeli Seasonal Cooking
Israel has a focus on its produce, ensuring they are eaten in season, it not only means the ingredients you are cooking with taste better (and how they should) but it is also better for the environment. Read on for seasonal cooking in Israel.