🍡 WEEK 6: hamusta with falafel mezze
Welcome to the second week of the Smoking module where the temperatures are going to be rising as you try your hand at hot smoking. You will be using a mix of coals and whiskey soaked wood chips to give a delicious flavour to your fish as well as splitting your barbecue into two temperature zones. Make sure you have your barbecue to hand!
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πŸ“— Lessons For The Week
Recipe Development - Hot Smoked Salmon
Daniel will show you how he puts a focus on good quality, simple ingredients and how he brings out as much flavour as possible from them using smoke and fire. He’ll give you plenty of tips on how to put your own spin on the dish, trying different smoking fuels, playing around with garnishing and taking inspiration from your own local area.
Ingredients Introduction - Hot Smoked Salmon
This week Daniel takes you through his shorter cure which he uses to remove excess moisture and kick start the seasoning process. He uses old whiskey barrels as a sustainable way of hot smoking and to impart the flavour from the whiskey. You’ll also learn the importance of shopping seasonally and how to build acidity using gherkins and capers.
Time To Fire Up The BBQ - Hot Smoked Salmon
This lesson you’re trying a new smoking technique which has a more intense smokey flavour. You will also be using the naked flame on the barbecue to give your sides extra flavour through charring - a great way to bring new life to seasonal vegetables. Hot smoked salmon is great for a main meal but if you have leftovers, it makes for a delicious snack on toast or can be enjoyed with eggs as part of your morning breakfast.
πŸ“– Further Reading
If you’re intrigued about all the β€œsciencey” stuff that goes on during the smoking process, click below to read more.
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