🍞 WEEK 3: Baking from the Diaspora
This week the brunch spread is exploring a variety of influences on Israeli cuisine with bourekitas pastries brought over by Turkish Jews and served with an array of fresh condiments from both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions. It's a real celebration of fresh, seasonal produce, extracting the most flavour from quality ingredients. You'll be taking on pastry making, experimenting with different fillings and learning how to think about rounding out your meal with a balance of condiments.
πŸ“Ί Watch and Learn - Rassa Stories
Have a watch to understand the context to what you’re learning. This month we’re looking at breakfast and brunch culture in Israel, much of which is based on a celebration of seasonal, fresh produce and communal feasting. You’ll explore two different bakeries in Tel Aviv and Jaffa comparing Jewish and Arab baking and meet Nadia and Hadas from Sindyanna of Galilee olive oil (in your specialist box this month), a unique non-profit organisation led by a team of Arab and Jewish women working to create social change from the ground up.
Sindyanna of Galilee
Meet Hadas (Jewish-Israeli) and Nadia (Palestinian-Israeli) from Sindyanna of Galilee - a nonprofit organisation led by a team of Arab and Jewish women working to create social change from the ground up.
Exploring the Bakeries of Israel
Discover the bakeries of Tel Aviv - a great way of understanding the diversity of Israeli society exploring both ingredients native to the land and the influences brought from immigrants around the world.
πŸ“˜ Lessons For The Week
Recipe Development - Bourekitas
See how you can adapt this dish to make it your own drawing on different influences for your fillings and condiments. Also learn more about the recipe development process Zoe went through when thinking how to combine the flavours and components of her dish.
Ingredients Introduction - Bourekitas
Zoe takes you through the key ingredients for her Bourekitas dish from a variety of seeds, fresh produce and a high quality olive oil which is a balance of fruity and spicy making it ideal for drizzling over condiments.
Head to the Oven - Bourekitas
Now it's time to put your pastry making skills to the test and get cooking in the kitchen. We're bringing together a variety of middle eastern and mediterranean flavours this week so get ready to taste the result!
Share with the community
Not sure about the texture of your pastry? Wondering how to swap out ingredients for seasonal produce in your local area? Ask the Rassa community where your fellow participants and chef instructors are on hand to help. Access the community forum by clicking the button below where you can see what others are up to and share your own creations.
πŸ’­ Creative Inspiration
Babka with Eyal Jagermann
Origins: Ukrainian, Polish & Russian
Babka was born out of the Eastern European Jewish communities in the early 18th century. Have a go at Eyal's recipe making one chocolate version and one with a sweet halva filling. He'll also teach you different ways of shaping your delicious babka.
πŸ“– Further Reading
Learn more about Sindyanna of Galilee, the non-profit organisation behind the olive oil you received this week in your box. Their producers are Arab and Jewish women who are working together to build bridges between the two communities for a more peaceful future. Have a read on our blog by clicking below.
A Golden Opportunity for Peace: A conversation with Hadas Lahav of Sindyanna Olive Oil
Hadas Lahav, co-founder of Sindyanna Olive Oil, talks to us about her upbringing in Israel and how different communities inspired her business today.