🍞 WEEK 2: Exploring Preservation
This week you're taking on curing lemons, cheesemaking from home and making a traditional Egyptian spice and nut blend all for layering in a large bowl of delicious fattoush salad. You'll learn how to put your own twist on the dish experimenting with different flavours from the Middle East.
πŸ“Ί Watch and Learn - Rassa Stories
Have a watch to understand the context to what you’re learning. This month we’re looking at breakfast and brunch culture in Israel, much of which is based on a celebration of seasonal, fresh produce and communal feasting. You’ll explore two different bakeries in Tel Aviv and Jaffa comparing Jewish and Arab baking and meet Nadia and Hadas from Sindyanna of Galilee olive oil (in your specialist box this month), a unique non-profit organisation led by a team of Arab and Jewish women working to create social change from the ground up.
Sindyanna of Galilee
Meet Hadas (Jewish-Israeli) and Nadia (Palestinian-Israeli) from Sindyanna of Galilee - a nonprofit organisation led by a team of Arab and Jewish women working to create social change from the ground up.
Exploring the Bakeries of Israel
Discover the bakeries of Tel Aviv - a great way of understanding the diversity of Israeli society exploring both ingredients native to the land and the influences brought from immigrants around the world.
πŸ“— Lessons For The Week
Recipe Development - Fattoush Salad
Zoe takes you through her fattoush salad, a dish that is all about the crunch! She achieves this by carefully selecting her vegetables, building layers of texture and using nuts as part of an Egyptian blend called dukkah which is one of the many North African influences on Israeli cuisine.
Ingredients Introduction - Fattoush Salad
You're introduced to the key ingredients for the homemade soft cheese, some heavy hitters in the middle eastern spice world, as well as your base ingredients for preserved lemons where salt is used to mellow out their bold, tart flavour whilst heightening their "lemony" essence.
Get Cooking - Fattoush Salad
Get ready to bring a mix of different cultural influences into the kitchen to create this dish. You'll be using ancient techniques and a nut and spice mix that was eaten by Pharaohs in ancient Egypt, to bring together a fresh fattoush salad bursting with flavour that is well-deserving of a spot on the brunch table (even just for its rich history alone!).
Share with the community
If you have any questions about blending spices or any of the techniques from this week, Zoe and the other chefs are here to help. You can access the community forum by clicking the button below where you can also share your ideas and photos of your creations with the rest of you group.
πŸ’­ Creative Inspiration
Creative Labneh with Eyal Jagermann
Origins: Lebanon
This creamy condiment can be found across Lebanon and the Middle East and has an ancient history with the nomadic Bedouin tribes as a travelling snack. Eyal explains how you can get creative and experiment with different flavours.
πŸ“– Further Reading
Learn more about Tel Aviv, the city that was envisaged as a 'future city' and is undoubtedly a playground for eaters and chefs alike. Have a read of the article below.
A Modern Melting pot - The City of Tel Aviv Yafo
Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are only separated by an hour-long drive down highway 1 - but culturally and spiritually the two largest cities in Israel are set apart by thousands of years of history.