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We'll help you develop your next creative idea, product or side hustle through education, coaching, and a network of fellow makers.

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Bring your ideas to life

Each program is designed to get you experimenting and evolving your ideas. Develop your own creations with the support of live workshops, video lessons, and tool kits.

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Learn from experts on Rassa

Personalized feedback and coaching

Learn from those who've been there and done it, and get expert advice that's relevant to you and what you're creating when you need it most.

Join a network of makers

Create alongside fellow makers, collaborate together in small learning groups, and set your own goals as you progress through one of our programs.

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Is Rassa right for me?

I want to develop my first product/creation

Get personal feedback on your creations from industry professionals and collaborate with other makers. Use the support of the Rassa resources, lessons and live workshops to get making!

I want to learn from people who've already done it.

Whether a casual hobby or an entrepreneurial idea in the making, learn from professionals around the world sharing their technical expertise and their personal perspective.

I want to launch my own brand or side hustle.

Get access to resources, seminars and industry insights to launch your next creative idea into the market. Learn from top creative entrepreneurs and makers who were once in your shoes.

Recent Gradz

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"I love the history and context. Hearing the backstories behind the recipes has really helped me learn a lot. It's helping me think about my own brand story."

Rassa Customer - Amy
Amy, Seattle
Mastering Desserts
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"The live workshops were a great way to get feedback on my recipe ideas, and have played a big role in shaping the recipes that I'm writing for my own cookbook."

Rassa Customer - Tony
Tony, London
Plant Based Cooking
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"There were some new ingredients we were playing around with which I hadn't come across before but with inspiration from the chef instructors I've ended up creating a few dishes for my restaurant menu."

Rassa Customer - Sophie
Sophie, London
The Filipino Kitchen
Quotation Marks

"It was well put together, and it was great for bouncing ideas around and getting specific feedback on my recipe ideas. Excited for the launch of the business program."

Rassa Customer - Steven
Steve, Portland
Mastering Bread Making
Quotation Marks

"I liked how we were put into small groups - it's more hands on and a great way of learning from each other. And the mentors and instructors are fantastic."

Rassa Customer - Ed
Ed, Texas
Alternative Cuts & Game
Quotation Marks

"I’m not a pit master yet, but I’ve come a long way as I didn’t used to be that confident on the grill. I’m looking forward to hosting the next BBQ and beers at mine."

Rassa Customer - Daniel
Daniel, New York
Smoke & Fire Cooking
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