🍚 WEEK 1: Salty & Aromatic
Filipino cuisine is known for its bold flavours and regionality with each island taking inspiration from their natural resources. This month is all about exploring these different key flavours starting off with the salty aromatic flavours of brined duck egg and soy sauce in Mark's Arroz Caldo. It's a classic home comfort which was originally brought to the Philippines by Chinese traders. You'll also get a first look at the Filipino serving style where a dish is not finished in the kitchen, but on the dining table with a rich spread of toppings, vinegars, sauces and garnishes.
πŸ‘‹ Module Introduction
πŸ“Ί Watch and Learn - Rassa Stories
Have a watch to understand the context to what you’re learning. This month we’re looking at the iconic flavours which make up the Filipino cuisine from the β€˜umami bomb’ that is the salted duck egg to bagoong fermented shrimp paste. Ingredients are king when it comes to building these flavours, so you’ll see Chef Gene tracing your bag of rice back to the source showing how it’s planted and cultivated. He’ll then take you on a tour of a Manila wet market, looking at fresh produce and ingredients.
Gene's Market Tour in Quezon
Gene takes you through the vibrant, fresh market produce in Quezon City which make up those iconic flavours characteristic to Filipino cuisine.
Planting Rice at Pulong Kabyawan
Rice is a big part of Filipino food culture, heavily linked with spiritual rituals and family gatherings, and your average Filipino household spends more money on rice than any other food.
πŸ“• Lessons For The Week
Recipe Development - Arroz Caldo & Salted Duck Egg
For your first recipe development, you'll learn about the holy trinity which is the flavour base for many Filipino dishes and you're encouraged to get creative with your toppings, experiment with the aromatics and the condiments for serving alongside your dish.
Ingredients Introduction - Arroz Caldo & Salted Duck Egg
Mark takes you through the key elements that create this salty and aromatic dish including the Β 'flavour bomb' which is the salted duck egg - known for its parmesan-style umami flavour, and different varieties of rice which is often served alongside most Filipino dishes for soaking up sauces.
Time To Get Cooking! - Arroz Caldo & Salted Duck Egg
Your first dish of the course, is a 'homey' pick-me-up descended from Chinese congee rice dishes. You'll learn about brining, Filipino plating and will be creating a delicious bone broth full of rich flavour.
Share with the community
If you have any questions, whether it's tips on how to make a vegetarian version of Arroz Caldo Β or ideas for different toppings you can create, Mark and the other chefs are on hand to help. Access the community forum by clicking the button below where you can also share your ideas and photos of your creations with the rest of your group.
πŸ’­ Creative Inspiration
Toppings For Your Arroz Caldo with Gene Gonzalez
Gene takes you through the varieties and history of Arroz Caldo. Use his ideas as a way to get creative with your own version trying different toppings.
πŸ“– Dive Into The Detail
Read more about the curious case of Filipino rice porridge and its different variations that have developed over the years. Through its sheer simplicity, the humble rice porridge isn’t here to impress. It’s here to serve a purpose which is to fill our bellies and warm our souls.
The Curious Case of Filipino Rice Porridge
Rice grows abundantly in the Philippines making rice dishes a staple in Filipino households. Discover Filipino rice porridge - from the Arroz Caldo and Champorado to Goto and Ginataang mais.