This week you'll be trying your hand at 'Inihaw', otherwise known as Filipino barbecuing. The street food vendors are famous for cooking on the grill, beyond the famous lechon (suckling pig) on a spit, stalls overflow with all things skewered - intestines, hearts, blood cubes...it's safe to say the Filipino people love their offal. This nose-to-tail cooking is a very sustainable and affordable way of eating meat, but before throwing yourself into the deep end, Budgie shows you his BBQ pork skewers dish using the famous Filipino banana ketchup as a marinade. His dish is also seen as a 'Pulutan' dish meaning it's a small bite which would usually be enjoyed alongside a cold alcoholic drink - typically a San Miguel beer!
📺 Watch and Learn - Rassa Stories
Explore the context behind two big farming staples of the Philippines - coconut and rice! Rice has strong links with the indigenous farming communities as well as the family bond (the stickier the rice the stronger the relationship). See one of the techniques behind wrapping suman which you can learn to do yourself at home or you can have a go at developing your own wrapping style. Chef Gene will also take you around a coconut farm in Quezon showing you the harvesting and how the whole coconut is used sustainably.
Life on the Coconut Farm
Learn about the coconut harvesting process and discover the different coconut variations at various stages of maturity.
Suman Wrapping
Suman is wrapped in banana leaves for both flavour and preservation. Watch the ancient wrapping techniques which are a part of the vibrant food culture of the Philippines.
📘 Lessons For The Week
Recipe Development - BBQ Pork Skewers
Budgie walks you through his dish and gives you ideas of how you can play around with the meats you use and the flavours in your marinade taking inspiration from the Filipino flavour palette.
Ingredients Introduction - BBQ Pork Skewers
This week you're working with a real range of ingredients, some are a legacy of the American soldiers during WW2, others came over from Chinese traders and then you have the Calamansi - the famous Filipino lime native to the islands which adds a nice tang to the marinade.
Let's Get Grilling! - BBQ Pork Skewers
Feel like you're walking through the night markets of Manila and have a go at your own Filipino barbecuing taking on a street food classic. You'll make a deliciously sweet banana ketchup BBQ marinade and sizzle skewered pork over hot coals.
Share with the community
If you have any questions, around grilling, marinades or perhaps how to make a vegetarian alternative, ask away in the community forum and share with the rest of your cohort your creations and challenges.
💭 Creative Inspiration
Sisig with Gene Gonzalez
This Pulutan dish is the perfect example of Filipino nose-to-tail cooking. Have a watch of how Gene makes his one and you can either have a go at cooking up some yourself or if the meat cuts are a little out of your comfort zone, use it instead as inspiration to try an alternative meat cut of your choosing which you're less familiar with.
📖 Further Reading
This week you're taking on Filipino street food, which is not just known for its bold flavours but is best enjoyed with your hands. Where this practice is seen the most is with the Kamayan feast where a delicious and overflowing selection of food is served on banana leaves as a communal feast and the best way to dig in is hands first.
Hands on Eating: Gene Gonzalez tells us all about Filipino 'Kamayan'
We caught up with Rassa chef Gene Gonzalez to find out all about Kamayan, the FIlipino finger food feast served on banana leaves.