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Unleash your inspiration in the kitchen with cultural knowledge you won't find anywhere else.

About The Course

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Soak up the real tastes and techniques of world cultures with a mix of weekly classes, regular chef Q&A’s and live creative workshops - while using specialist ingredients delivered direct to your door. Push past the limits of your kitchen comfort zone, and join a community of like minded home cooks on a deep dive into a cuisine headed up by our expert regional chefs.


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Topics On The Course

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With the guidance of our talented chefs you will be taken on a tour of the Levantine palate. They will show you the vibrant meals cooked to start the day in Tel Aviv, whisk you through the melting pot of a Jaffa market lunch, and then light the embers for an evening of Israeli fire cooking!

tel aviv brunch

In the bustling streets of Tel Aviv the same amount of love and care is taken with the first meal of the day, as with the last. Discover the vibrant flavours, melding heritages and simple techniques of a classic brunch spread.

jaffa lunch spread

The ancient port of Jaffa is known for its mix of cultures, and this module represents the various dishes formed out of the cultures that are drawn together in the winding cobbled streets of the old town - from griddled flatbreads to deep fried falafel.

israeli fire cooking

Our chefs will show you the elemental nature of Israeli cuisine, cooking directly over coals and naked flames. Just like in the shawarma and Kebab restaurants found on every street corner in Israel, you will discover the irreplaceable flavours created in the fire.
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Chefs Leading The Course

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Eyal Jagermann

Having studied at Le Cordon Bleu, Eyal Jagermann went on to become Head chef of the award winning Barbary restaurant. After it was awarded best restaurant in London for 2018, he moved on to open his own restaurant Anan - inspired by the Hummusiyah’s of Israel.
Fire Cooking
Uncover the nuances of cooking over fire, and become a master at controlling temperature and developing that perfect char.
Unleavened Breads
Learn how they make flatbreads in the bakeries of Tel Aviv, with expert guidance on shaping, proving, and using a griddle.

Zoe Tigner-Haus

Working alongside Chef Tomer and Chef Eyal, Zoe is the third partner in the Israeli food venture taking London by storm: ‘Anan’. She has helped shape this vision having grown up immersed in the produce of the Tel Aviv markets - taking the classic Israeli Hummusiyah and elevating it for a global audience.
Pastry Making
Learn how to make incredible enriched pastries that made their way to Israel with the wave of immigrants from the Balkans and Eastern Europe.
Cheese Making
Be inspired by the ancient techniques that Israeli chefs have been using to make simple fresh cheeses at home.

Tomer Hauptmann

Formerly head chef of the well renowned Amsterdam eatery Mr Porter, Chef Tomer has been working in high end restaurants for years. He is currently producing incredible fire-cooked banquets as part of the ‘Nomadic’ dining group.
Falafel Making
Understand the process that goes into making the ultimate middle eastern market food. From picking your chickpeas to deep frying, find out how to create the perfect falafel.
Israeli-Jewish Cooking
Gain an appreciation for the different cultural groups that reside within Israel, with an experience of some of the classic flavours brought to the country through the Iraqi Jewish diaspora.
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Box of Specialist Ingredients

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Every food culture has its own essential flavours that just can’t be replicated without the right heritage ingredients - and this is why we have prepared three specialist ingredients boxes that will be delivered to your door at the beginning of each month of the course.

Gone are the days of scouring supermarket shelves, and calling up wholesalers to seek out the right spice or syrup. On a Rassa course, we provide you with the exact quantities of the “hard to find” ingredients that will give your dishes the perfect flavour.
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Step-by-step Cohorted Curriculum

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Pre-Class: Onboarding & Introduction
When you sign up to a course with Rassa, you will be invited to book an onboarding call with a member of our team to let us know a little about your interests, skill level and geographic location. You will then be notified of your bespoke peer group and given a start date for when the course will begin, and shortly after, receive the first of your three specialist ingredient boxes before the start of the first module.
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Rassa Customer
Rassa Customer
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The first module of the course will cover the classic brunch foods of Tel Aviv, starting with a Red Shakshuka with Tahini, moving onto a layered Fatoush Salad and Fresh cheese and then some classic Bourekitas pastries. In the fourth week of the Israeli module, users will produce their own brunch spread under the tutelage of one of our Tel Avivian chefs during the live class.
Module 2: jaffa lunch spread
The second module of the course takes a look at the classic street foods locals are likely to eat for lunch in the port of Jaffa. The first week of the module will look at a variation on homemade flatbread and hummus with a traditional Msabacha, then in week two we will be moving onto Jaffa style cauliflower and classic green Falafel. Finally, the third class of the module is a beautiful orange blossom Zohar cake. In the fourth week of the module your tutors will help you create your own dish inspired by the market foods of Jaffa.
Module 3: israeli fire cooking
In the final module of the course we will be taking inspiration from the elements with some traditional Israeli fire cooking. To start the month, you will be sharpening your butchery skills for some lamb Arayes, or stuffed pitas cooked over an open flame. In the second week, you will be creating some delicious fish koftas with roasted aubergines. Then on week three you will be preparing a fresh summer dessert known as Malabi. Finally, for the ultimate live class of the course, you will be crafting your own dish, practicing your fire cooking skills.
Rassa Platform
How you'll be learning
Each week you will be taken through the creation of a dish from start to finish, giving you an insight into the culture that formed the dish you are cooking, as well as a deeper understanding of how a chef makes decisions in the kitchen.
Ingredients break down
This video is an opportunity to plug into the culture of the food you are cooking, and sharpen your senses when grocery shopping. The chefs will be talking you through the story behind each ingredient, the suppliers they use, and how to spot excellent produce.
Recipe Development
During this section you will get to peer behind the curtain and get the answers to the questions you have always wanted to ask your favourite chefs. The chefs will explain the decision making process that goes into forming a dish, why they brought it to the platform, and what ways you can make it your own.
Real time cook along videos
Once you know your ingredients, and understand the decisions that went into making the dish, you’re ready to get cooking. This video is purposefully paced to let you follow the steps without the need to skip, pause or rewind as you prep your dish alongside your instructors.
Live classes
The fourth and final week of each module is an opportunity to flex your creative muscles and use the learnings you’ve gained from the rest of the module. Under the guidance of the module leader, you will be provided with a brief that you will put your own spin on, bringing it to life in a live video class.
Supporting Materials
With each week of content, you'll also receive access to a host of supporting materials, including articles, bonus recipes, and cultural infotainment videos. These resources will give you a broader understanding of Ireland and its food culture, and are ideal for those of you who not only want to know the ‘how’, but also the ‘why’.
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Upcoming Courses

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Community of Cooks

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Rassa Community
Rassa Community
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Your Cooking Journey

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  • Learn 9 regional recipes by the end of the course.
  • Create 3 original dishes under the guidance of an expert chef.
  • Receive 3 Specialist ingredients boxes delivered direct to your door.
  • Master specialist chef skills from baking, to fish or meat butchery, and smoking.
  • Obtain bespoke feedback from other learners in a hand picked peer group.
  • Lifetime access to video lessons, full curriculum, and community.
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(£99 p/m + £149 deposit)
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Green Line
Who is this class for?

Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to take your homecooking to the next level or are a more experienced chef looking to specialise further into different cuisines the course is designed to be engaging for a range of skill levels.

All dishes are available in video and written format to make them easy to learn from with insider chef tips and cultural tidbits throughout and you can lean on your peers for support and advice. If you’re looking to push yourself there’s plenty of bonus content, you can seek out fellow specialists within the Rassa community and tap into the deep knowledge base of our Irish chefs.

What's the time commitment?

This depends on your schedule, but you'll need to set aside around half a day a week to cover the key topics. If you have more time on your hands each course is packed with bonus content and recipes to get stuck into so that you can make the most of the platform.

Are the classes live?

The majority of classes are pre-recorded so you can work through them on your own schedule. Once a month you will be able to book onto a live online class with the chef. For these classes we will try to be as flexible as possible and offer multiple time slots to cater for different timezones around the world.

What tools and equipment will I need?

For this course, you will largely use common items found in the majority of kitchens for example, bowls, scales, an oven, chopping knives. For month 3 you will need a barbecue. Once you enrol onto the course, you’ll have access to the full checklist of equipment you need as well as a few optional but nice-to-have pieces of equipment.

Do you supply the ingredients?

Once a month you will receive a pantry box with the hard-to-find specialist ingredients for example, spices, oils, pulses and vinegars. You will need to buy the fresh ingredients, majority of which you should be able to find in a supermarket/grocery store however, where there are less common items we will let you know where you can get your hands on them.

How do groups and peer feedback work?

Once the course starts you’ll be placed into a peer group with other cooks from around the world who will be taking the course at the same time as you. You can ask and answer questions, share your creations with each other and throughout each week the chefs will be checking in to answer any questions you have and help with troubleshooting.

Am I able to interact with the chefs?

Yes, the chefs will be interacting with you and your peers answering any questions and giving support where they can. Every month you'll also take part in a live class with one of the chefs and your course peers, where you can ask for more in-depth feedback on your creations and showcase your work.

What if I fall behind?

We recommend doing a bit each week so that you don’t fall behind the rest of your peers but if you do we’ll help you get back on track.

Do I take this class from home?

Yes, every course is entirely virtual, so you can learn from anywhere. We’ve designed these courses to not just be convenient but also as interactive as possible: engage with your course peers from all around the world, ask the chefs questions, book onto live sessions and learn hands-on.

Will I still have access to the class once the course is over?

Yes, once the course is finished you will have full access to the pre-recorded video lessons and content. You can keep using the content as a resource to refer back to as you progress as a chef.

How much does the course cost?

For the full 90 days and the specialist ingredients box each month, the total price is £449/$650 (this works out £99/$139 per month plus an initial £149/$199 deposit). This includes the cost of the specialist ingredients box that will be delivered direct to your door at the start of each module (every month).

What if I change my mind?

If within the first 5 days you decide this course isn’t for you, you want to try a different cuisine or life’s busy schedule gets in the way, we can give you a voucher matching the course price which you can redeem at a later date (valid for 12 months).

Does it matter what timezone I'm in?

The majority of the lessons are pre-recorded and so can be watched in your own time however, once a month you will have a live online class with a chef. For these live classes we try to be as flexible as possible and offer multiple time slots to cater for different timezones around the world.