The Secret
Test Kitchen
Intimate evenings with some of London's best chefs
Each month, we host one of London's most unique events, bringing you some of the best chefs in the capital to teach you to cook the food they're best known for. This isn't a supper club, and this isn't a cooking lesson - this is an opportunity to feel like you've been transported into an entirely different country for one night only - while you learn about what goes into creating a recipe, get to grips with how different ingredients come together and discover the culture behind each dish you tuck into.
Oh, and it won't cost you a thing.
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You and up to 19 others will get a text message with the location - just don't forget your entry card. Once you're in - enjoy a drink provided by your host, and meet the chef taking you on the night's journey. Over the course of the evening, you'll see how a chef creates a recipe from scratch, you'll eat some incredible food, and learn about what makes the food unique. Most of all you'll have a good time - and meet people equally passionate about food!
"When I first got given the card - I didn't know what to expect. A friend and I managed to get a ticket - and the night was like nothing I've experienced. One of my favourite chefs, teaching me how to cook while telling me why they started in a really intimate setting. And now I get to continue that journey online. Thank you!"
"This is easily one of London's best kept secrets - I like how intimate the event is without it feeling exclusive - and it's pushed me to actually take cooking more seriously. Can't believe the event was free as well. I had no expectations when I arrived - but it completely overdelivered. Can't wait to catch up online."
"I like how the team behind the kitchen really help you understand the food that you're cooking. I actually learned how to think about what it means to create a recipe - and after taking part immediately signed up for one of their courses. This was trés cool. Looking forward to the next one."
"Can't wait for the next one of these. I had one of the best nights of the year with my husband - and we completely didn't know what to expect. It all feels a bit secretive, and I'm glad as that meant that the night itself was just so much better as than we could have expected it to be."
Louise Tellis De Mt