With your checklist you can get ahead of the your schedule by buying the required equipment and ingredients for the course. We've noted what's provided in your Rassa box as well as the remaining ingredients you'll need to buy. For the equipment, most things you'll have in your average kitchen but we have highlighted items which may be less common. No need to worry if there is anything you don't have or can't easily get ahold of, the chefs are on hand to make alternative suggestions.
🐷 What You'll Need
Equipment for the course
Frying Pan
This Week
Returning to the Roots - Braised Pork Cheeks
📦 Specialist Ingredient of the week
- Elderflower Balsamic Vinegar
- Pearl Barley
- Red Wine
🗒 Ingredients List
- 600g Pork cheeks
- 6 Carrots
- 2 Heads of fennel
- 1 Bulb garlic
- 2 Onions
- 200ml Red wine (provided)
- 200g Butter
- 1 Apple
- 1 Lemon
- 1L Chicken stock
- 100g Cream
- 400g Pearl barley (provided)
- 20g Rosemary
- 20g Thyme
- 20g Chives
- 30g Elderflower balsamic vinegar (provided)