Many people have preconceptions about what Irish cuisine looks like from stewed potatoes to boiled cabbage but on this island of diverse produce, rugged landscapes and warm hospitality is a cuisine with a rich heritage inspiring a cultural revival among today's chefs. Welcome to the one week taster of our Irish course, where you'll be looking at alternative meat cuts, cooking a delicious dish of braised pork cheeks with pearl barley and pickled fennel. This course is designed to give you a sample of our full 3 month course exploring Ireland's terroir - a wild place whose rivers and seas are full of fish, whose forests are bursting with berries, wild boar and game and whose mountains are inhabited by deer and hare. Through smoking your own fish at home, brining foraged ingredients, baking Irish classics and cooking with game meat. And while the Potato Famine will remain ingrained in the memory of the country, modern Ireland is experiencing a renaissance so, put the kettle on and get ready for a little window into the Emerald Isle.
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Kevin Dundon
Kevin Dundon
Country Living & The Natural Larder
Kerry Harvey
Kerry Harvey
Bread Making & Fine Dining
Alison Tierney
Alison Tierney
Fire Cooking & Wild Ingredients
Daniel Hannigan
Daniel Hannigan
Fire Cooking & Butchery
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Returning to the Roots - Braised Pork Cheeks
This Week's Key Takeaway

Going for these less popular cuts over the prime cuts means less wastage in the meat industry and a more sustainable way of consuming meat in the kitchen. Youโ€™ll be braising your pork until itโ€™s nice and tender and reducing your meat liquor to create a sticky glaze. To balance out the meat and pearl barley and to add colour to your plate, you will also be pickling your own vegetables. Take this week at your own pace, you can decide whether you or not you wish to take on the butchery.