Welcome to the one week taster of the Israeli course which looks at the food you'll find on kitchen tables around Israel which is heavily influenced by the mix of cultures that inhabit the land and its surrounding neighbours. You'll be trying your hand at making Bourekitas - a pastry which was brought over from the Greek- and Turkish-Jewish diaspora as well as Babka which has its origins with the Ashkenazi Jews in Ukraine, Russia and Poland. This course is designed to give you a sample of our full 3 month course which traces the journey ingredients and dishes took to get to the kitchens of Israeli homes. In whatโ€™s one of the most contentious pieces of land in the world, exploring the origins is a complicated and messy task since often they appear in different forms across modern country borders throughout history but food is a great way of learning about an evolving culture.
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Meet the chefs that are going to be teaching you throughout the course, each of them bringing their rich culinary experience to the table with a touch of warm hospitality to take your cooking to the next level and put on the perfect Israeli feast for friends and family.
Eyal Jagermann
Fresh & simple food delivered with quality
Tomer Hauptmann
Heritage food with emotion & history
Zoe Tigner-Haus
Bold flavours & communal feasting
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Baking from the Diaspora - Bourekitas
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Pastry Making
Origins: Greek & Turkish

This week the brunch spread is exploring a variety of influences on Israeli cuisine with bourekitas pastries brought over by Greek and Turkish Jews and served with an array of fresh condiments from both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions. It's a real celebration of fresh, seasonal produce, extracting the most flavour from quality ingredients. You'll be taking on pastry making, experimenting with different fillings and learning how to think about rounding out your meal with a balance of condiments.