🍚 WEEK 1: Suman with rex
For your first week you'll be trying your hand at steaming a sweet coconut rice dish called suman which has been around since pre-colonial times. The flavours and aromas are delicate from the banana leaves which impart a green tea scent onto the creamy coconut rice when steamed. Across different regions of the Philippines you'll find different variations of this dish as well as a variety of banana leaf wrapping styles - you can have some fun experimenting with different shapes and if you're feeling really adventurous, have a go at some more intricate folds. Suman is seen as a symbol of togetherness and close bonds because of its sticky texture and the wrapping process itself is the perfect communal activity to chat over with friends and family.
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If you have any questions about the steaming process or different wrapping styles, Rex and the other chefs are on hand to help. Access the community forum by clicking the button below where you can also share your ideas and photos of your creations with the rest of you group.
📕 Lessons For The Week
Recipe Development - Suman
Rex takes you through the key components of his suman dish and how you can make it your own playing around with the flavour and texture of different toppings, how to add to your filling or even try different wrapping materials for steaming your sticky rice in.
Ingredients Introduction - Suman
The ingredients this week are a real celebration of Filipino farming. There is a strong heritage built around rice in the Philippines and social entrepreneurs are working closely with small-scale farmers to support indigenous traditions and heirloom rice varieties. Also as one of the top five banana exporters in the world, there is no shortage of banana leaves in Filipino cuisine!
Time To Cook - Suman
Into the kitchen we go, ready to take on a Filipino delicacy. You'll be learning how to cook and prepare banana leaves and use a steamer to create this sweet, coconut rice cake.
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