✍ WEEK 4: Create Your Own Recipe
Welcome to the fourth week of your Tel Aviv Brunch module - this is where you get to have some fun! This week is all about getting creative and taking all that you’ve learnt about putting together a brunch feast to come up with your own creation.
Share with the community
If you have any questions in the lead up to the live class, ask away on the community in the #LiveClass channel. It’s also a great place to share your ideas with the rest of the group, swap inspiration and even post up rough sketches of the dish you have in mind.
📙 Get Ready To Go Live
Your Brief For The Live Class
For the Irish baking live class, you will need to make a loaf of bread using a coarse wholemeal flour leavened by soda, and a flavoured butter while the loaf bakes. Make sure you have all the ingredients and equipment you need ahead of the live session.
If you haven't already...
Make sure you’ve booked your spot for the live class. You can click the button below to book onto the video call! And be sure to read up on the live class brief and the tips provided before the class to make sure that you’ve got everything prepared ahead of the session.
🌾 Visit an Irish Flour Mill
Dunany Flour Mill
Just like the flatbreads of the Middle East, or cornbread from the plains of North America, Irish baking culture is deeply rooted in the natural features of the terrain. Both the flora and the fauna resulted in a style of hardy, yet rich bread that was baked out of love. The texture and flavour of the loaves come from the very soil that birthed them, not just the culinary fashions of the period. Watch as Andrew and Leonie from Dunany Flour explain more about their production process as a small-scale Irish supplier.
🍞 Kevin's Field Kitchen
Irish Potato Bread
If you can’t get enough of Irish baking try your hand at Kevin’s classic potato bread recipe. It’s a great way to use up leftover mashed potato and can even be turned into burger buns. Kevin Dundon’s recipes are designed to be easily adaptable and are a great way to explore deeper into the cuisine.
📖 Further Reading
Have a read below on the story of the wonderful non-profit behind the olive oil in your mystery box and the culture of tahini in Israel.
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Rice is a Filipino staple in savoury dishes as well as sweet desserts and sticky snacks like rice cakes - a popular one being suman.
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We make the case for Ireland's underappreciated cuisine, moving the narrative away from potatoes, poverty and pints
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Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are only separated by an hour-long drive down highway 1 - but culturally and spiritually the two largest cities in Israel are set apart by thousands of years of history.