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Live Class Brief: Bread Module

This week you will be preparing your own recipe that you will make on the live class. The course chefs have given you a brief to follow, with some tips and tricks as inspiration - but this is your recipe so don’t be afraid to get creative!

The Brief

For the Irish baking live class, you will need to make a loaf of bread leavened by soda, and your own flavoured butter while the loaf bakes.

The Details

This brief is designed to get you thinking about leavening bread without yeast, so consider the ways you can make this dish your own with the following areas:

  • What acidic element can you add to the mix that will supplement your reaction and bring a different flavour/colour/texture to your bake?
  • Kerry added Guinness to match the bittersweet dark notes of her treacle bread, and Alison used the classic buttermilk for a cleaner flavour to play against her salty seaweed
  • If you want different grains added to the mixture, consider how they will add texture and flavour. How will they affect the hydration of the dough? Think about what they will do to the crumb structure. What can you sprinkle on top for decoration and crunch?
  • What can you add to your flavoured butter? Do you want your loaf to be sweet or savoury? Be adventurous and mix the two with a sweet and salty pairing
  • If you are stuck for inspiration - how about chopped dried fruits or maple syrup - or go savoury with your favourite herbs, or some miso paste

Also, take the opportunity to check out this week’s recipes from Kevin’s kitchen for some added inspiration.

Technical Bits
  • Check to see what time your cohort live class has been booked in for.
  • A zoom link will be sent to you with a reminder email the day before you are booked in.
  • Make sure to have your ingredients ready and weighed out before joining the class.
  • Pay special attention to the brief to make sure any pre preparation that is required has been started before the class (e.g. proving, marinating, curing)
  • Bring your laptop or tablet to your preparation area in the kitchen so you can easily show the chef your dish and techniques you are using.
  • Have your recipe development planning ready before hand.
Prepare With Your Community
  • Before each live class, take the opportunity to speak with your cohort. If you are struggling for ideas, use the Rassa community to give you some ideas or feedback on your recipe.
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