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Small interactive learning groups and live workshops with your instructors to help take your creations to the next level.
Coming Winter 2022
The French
A cultural history of scents
Coming Spring 2023
Made In
Explore the indigenous roots
Coming Spring 2023
A history of subcultures across America
As Seen In:
and many more...
Creative skills taught by experts from all around the world.
Experiment and test creations
Take inspiration from each lesson to create something unique and receive expert guidance from your tutors along the way.
Live workshops & discussions
Join a growing global community with a shared passion for creativity, curiosity and culture.
Explore the history & culture behind the skill
Trace the roots back to the source, and gain new appreciation for your craft with stories from the world's cultures.
Tools & materials delivered to your door
Receive tools, supplies or ingredients hand picked by our tutors for their quality and cultural significance.
With the pandemic putting many out of work, we helped expert chefs share their experiences with a global audience whilst making a sustainable income. From there we explored other skills but kept our focus on sharing the world's cultures, stories and history. We help you master new skills and understand their backstories as you develop your own original creations and become a more creative learner. We help you take your skill to the next level.
create within a global community
Uncover a unique cuisine, learn dishes alongside expert chefs and create your own original recipes.
Irish Cookery - Learning To Knead
Tim, California
“The commitment level was perfect for me, it worked really well around my schedule and gave me and the family something to do at the weekends.”
The Filipino Kitchen - Key Filipino Flavours
Donn, Ontario
“I’m really enjoying this community so far and I think it will be a group I can continue to connect with even after this course”
Irish Cookery - Cold Smoking Fish
James, Hampshire
I am loving the community engagement and participation. It really brings another dimension to the experience and makes everything feel more real and personal.
Irish Cookery - Irish Soda Breads
Sarah, Ontario
"This is such an immersive experience, I’m truly blown away so far!"
The Israeli Kitchen - Brunch Spreads
Chloe, London
“Really enjoyed making the Shakshuka - it was delicious. I enjoyed learning about the combination of spices as I'm not usually very adventurous with spice.”
The Filipino Kitchen - Marinades & BBQ
Ana-Maria, Portland
“I'm loving the course, it’s so rich in detail with so many fun nuggets. It feels so nice to find others who are wanting to connect to our Filipino culture through food.”
Irish Cookery - Irish Soda Breads
Madeleine, London
"It teaches you a lot more than what you get from a cook-along class. The videos are very well done - very detailed and it’s nice to see exactly how it should look like.”
The Israeli Kitchen - Jaffa Street Food
Cate, Washington
“I enjoyed that it was online as I could prepare a lot more and I can work at my own pace, whereas in-person courses you can sometimes feel hurried.”

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