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This is some text that explains what we're all about and why we're building what we're building This is some text that explains what we're all about and why we're building what we're building This is some text that explains what we're all about and why we're building what we're building.

Meet The Team

This is us. We like to think of ourselves as a friendly bunch, who share a burning curiosity about the world. We're interested in culture - both exploring our own heritage and backgrounds but also in learning more about those different to our own. Between us we cover content, design, tech, marketing, operations and all those useful skills to keep things running smoothly.
Tom Charman
Data scientist by day, urbex photographer by night - Tom has spent the last decade working in startups, from ed-tech to food-tech. He’s particularly interested in the cross-section of culture and behaviour - and his journey has led to opportunities including giving a TEDx, advising the UN on data security and discussing culture with world leaders.
Olivia Higgs
Olivia grew up in cities across Europe, exposing her to different cultures. Her expertise lies in developing content and scaling consumer-facing products - and prior to Rassa, she co-founded an app championing local businesses and artisans. She’s given a TEDx on AI, and was at one point recognised as one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs.
Kurt Henderson
Born to parents from Trinidad and Dominica, Kurt’s expertise lies in developing intuitive customer journeys - he has a strong knowledge of UX/UI and branding. He started his journey early, launching a record label working with up-and-coming artists that were later signed by Warner Bros. At night, you'll often find Kurt behind some DJ decks.
Charles Wells
Charles spent the last decade learning and working in the F&B industry - from working in a 2 Michelin starred restaurant to startups that supply meals for athletes and look to revolutionise the way we eat in the work-place. He spends his time developing the classes we offer, and works closely with our creators.
Jay Silud
Jay has spent the last 5 years working at startups - and is most passionate about creating lasting connections within communities. Part of her time is spent giving thousands of third culture kids a “wifi” home, and sense of belonging - which later led to her giving a TEDx on community building around the world.
Johnny Garmeson
Johnny is a communications and marketing specialist and previously worked with companies including Disney and Mercedes before co-founding a successful F&B delivery business. He’s a big fan of sport, cinema and travel - but above all - loves to cook. "If there's a bit of spice in it - I'm all for it".
Mischief Maker
Despite the odd mid day snooze, Moose takes her role as head of canine resources very seriously. Her interests include belly rubs, muddy ponds and left overs.


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