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Welcome to the test kitchen. Test techniques, refine your recipe development skills or launch your food brand. Have a browse of our current programs below.

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The Filipino Kitchen

Explore Filipino cooking techniques and the cultural influences which have helped shape the cuisine’s iconic dishes.

Smoke & Fire Cooking

Work on your fire skills! Play around with temperature, fuel and flavour bringing some smokiness to your creations.

Alternative Cuts & Game

This program looks at sustainable ways of cooking with meat, looking at offal, alternative cuts and wild meat.

Bread Making

Develop your own unique recipes taking inspiration from some of the iconic breads which are well-loved around the world.
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Turn your food creations into a business

Create a side hustle

The Food Business Program

If you’ve got a burning idea or creative menu you want to turn into a brand, food truck or restaurant - our business programs are designed to give you the resources and mentorship you need to help reduce costly mistakes and speed up your launch! Learn from others who have been in your shoes and share your challenges and successes alongside other creative entrepreneurs.
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Plant Based Cooking

Experiment with plant-based cooking creating your own desserts, street food mezze and zero waste condiments.

A Taste of Ireland

Irish chefs are returning to their roots, bringing modern techniques to ancient flavours in what is a Celtic food revival.

A Taste of Tel Aviv

Discover the flavours of the Jewish diaspora from Eastern Europe to Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Mastering Desserts

For those with a sweet tooth, work with our chefs to develop your own dessert recipes exploring global techniques.

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