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Join online courses led by professional chefs where you’ll discover the history behind each dish you learn, and master a new cuisine in a matter of weeks.

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Get to grips with how each course is put together and what you'll be doing as you progress through each of our courses.


Whether it's Israeli, Filipino or Irish food - there's something to suit everyone when it comes to discovering new flavours and techniques.


Once you've signed up and secured your spot, we'll dispatch a box at the start of each month full of those hard-to-find ingredients.


A big part of the course is about engaging with the community, sharing your dishes, and learning together as part of a small group.


Our Flagship Destinations

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Each of our flagship courses have unique techniques, flavours and dishes associated with them. From the native ingredients of the Emerald Isle, to the sweet, salty and sour flavours of The Philippines - now is your chance to explore an exciting new cuisine.


Our chefs have rewritten the Irish cookbook with revitalised classic techniques and sustainable recipes. Uncover the vibrant flavours of the Emerald Isle, with native ingredients elevated to the next level.

Israeli Dining:
Sunrise To Sunset

Be inspired to explore the age old mix of cultures that runs through the heart of Levantine cuisine. From Arabic sharing plates to mediterranean feasts, this course gives you a taste of the rich sun soaked land.

The Filipino Kitchen:
East Meets West

Discover the ultimate melting pot cuisine, with flavours that can only be tasted to be believed. Sweet, salty and sour, our chefs will teach you the secret behind perfect Filipino cooking: harmony!

Or try them all with the...

Taste Of Rassa:
The chef's perfumery

For this one month course, you’ll be given access to a selection of lessons from across Rassa’s flagship courses, learning how to prepare dishes from Israel, Ireland and the Philippines. This curated selection of plates is the perfect mix of burgeoning flavours, cultures and stories from around the world.

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what makes rassa so unique?

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Part of the enjoyment of food comes from the people you cook and eat it with. Our mission is to create a global community that drives honest conversations around culture and traditions through food, going beyond the old-school cooking schools where you learn traditional French cooking with a standardised set of techniques.

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Gone are the days of scouring supermarket shelves, and buying in 5kg quantities. We provide you the exact quantities of the 'hard to find' ingredients to bring your dishes to life - and deliver them directly to your door at the beginning of each month.
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The end of each month gives you the opportunity to showcase what you’ve learnt while flexing your creative muscles, guided by one of our chefs in a live creative workshop.

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Get to know the people on your course with our open community platform. Check for regular updates from our chefs, share your ideas, and connect with other like minded home chefs as you learn as a cohort.
Rassa Community

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Rassa?

Rassa is the world's first cultural social cooking platform filled with online cookery courses led by diverse chefs, who have unparalleled knowledge of their cuisine. Learn through doing, with pre-recorded video lessons, Q&A’s, live creative workshops and feedback from your peer group.

How much does it cost?

For the full 90 days and the specialist ingredients box each month, the total price is £449/$650 (this works out £99/$139 per month plus an initial £149/$199 deposit). This includes the cost of the specialist ingredients box that will be delivered direct to your door at the start of each module (every month). We also have a one-month taster course giving you a sample of each cuisine, priced at £199/$269.

What if I change my mind?

If within the first 5 days you decide the course isn’t for you, you want to try a different cuisine or life’s busy schedule gets in the way, we can give you a voucher matching the course price which you can redeem at a later date (valid for 12 months).

What's the time commitment?

This depends on your schedule, but you'll need to set aside around half a day a week to cover the key topics. If you have more time on your hands each course is packed with bonus content and recipes to get stuck into so that you can make the most of the platform.

Do I take the courses from home?

Yes, every course is entirely virtual, so you can learn from anywhere. We’ve designed these courses to not just be convenient but also as interactive as possible: engage with your course peers from all around the world, ask the chefs questions, book onto live sessions and learn hands-on.

What tools and equipment will I need?

The courses largely use common items found in the majority of kitchens for example, bowls, scales, an oven, chopping knives. For some courses, there may be items like a barbecue for outdoor grilling however, we’ll let you know about this upfront. Once you enrol onto the course, you’ll have access to the full checklist of equipment you need as well as a few optional but nice-to-have pieces of equipment.

Do you supply the ingredients?

Once a month you will receive a pantry box with the hard-to-find specialist ingredients for example, spices, oils, pulses and vinegars. You will need to buy the fresh ingredients, majority of which you should be able to find in a supermarket/grocery store however, where there are less common items we will let you know where you can get your hands on them.

Am I able to interact with the chefs/teachers?

Yes, the chefs will be interacting with you and your peers answering any questions and giving support where they can. Every month you'll also take part in a live class with one of the chefs and your course peers, where you can ask for more in-depth feedback on your creations and showcase your work.

What type of browser/device do I need?

Rassa is still in beta, so at the moment the content is best viewed on a desktop device (macOS or Windows are both great). We are working on a mobile-friendly version to make it even easier to access.

Does it matter which timezone I'm in?

The majority of the lessons are pre-recorded and so can be watched in your own time however, once a month you will have a live online class with a chef. For these live classes we try to be as flexible as possible and offer multiple time slots to cater for different timezones around the world.