Brazilian Chocolate Fudge Balls on a plate coated in a mix of cocoa powder, desiccated coconut and chocolate sprinkles

How to Make Brigadeiro (Brazilian Fudge Balls)

Learn how to make Brigadeiro - the moreish Brazilian sweet made with condensed milk, butter and cocoa powder. It makes for a great alternative to chocolate truffles.
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Olivia Higgs
Feb 15
1.5 mins
Feb 15
1.5 mins

The Brigadeiro sweet is well-loved in Brazil and was originally created in 1945 as part of a political campaign. Eduard Gomes who was running for president at the time and he held the brigadeiro (brigadier in English) military rank. As part of his campaign, parties were organized to improve his visibility and to help raise funds. At these parties a special sweet was created and sold to the public. It was called Brigadeiro after his military rank and was made with condensed milk, butter and chocolate powder since milk and sugar were hard to come by at the time.


  • can of condensed milk (395g/ 14 oz)
  • 14g/ 1/2 oz butter
  • 30g/ 1 oz cocoa powder
  • toppings of your choice e.g. desiccated coconut, chocolate sprinkles, pistachio crumb

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  • Grab a saucepan and on a low heat melt the butter with the condensed milk and cocoa powder. Stir continuously to avoid the mixture sticking to your pan, and keep on the heat until you end up with a thick fudge-like consistency (15-20 minutes). You should be able to see the bottom of your pan for at least 3 seconds when you drag your wooden spoon through the mix. Make sure not to rush this stage - don't be tempted to turn up the heat or stop it too early otherwise the balls will struggle to hold their shape.
  • Pour the mixture out onto a greased plate and once cooled, put the plate into the fridge for an hour to allow the mixture to set. Once set, you're ready to shape the mixture into balls.
  • You may want to grease your hands for this next bit to stop the mixture sticking to them. Take a teaspoon and grab a small portion of the mixture and roll it between your hands until you form a small ball. Roll the ball into your topping of choice and set aside. Repeat. If the balls aren't holding their shape, the mixture hasn't cooked for long enough - if this has happened, the mix will still make for a delicious dip for fruit so no need to throw it out!
  • These should keep for about 5-7 days in the fridge (if they last that long!).
@joinrassa Super easy chocolate Brigadeiros (Brazilian fudge balls) for carnival. All you need is a can of condensed milk, butter, cocoa powder and sprinkles 🤎 #brigadeiros #carnival #carnivalseason #carnivalfood #braziliancarnival #chocolate #fudge #easyrecipe #brazilianfood #fyp #foryou #learnontiktok #foodtok #joinrassa ♬ Random Acts of Kindness - Thomm Jutz & Winston Green
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