Creative Cake Molds to Make Your Holiday Bakes Unforgettable

At their height of popularity cake molds were prized as heirlooms, and handed down through the generations. Here’s a few to help you elevate your next bake.
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Dec 19
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Dec 19
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It's that time of year when baking comes to the forefront. But are you looking for creative cake molds to help make your festive cakes unforgettable? Whether you’re a professional baker or simply want to add a unique twist to your family’s dessert table, the right cake mold can take a cake from ordinary to extraordinary. Have a browse of a few creative cake molds that can help make your festive bakes stand out from the rest!

3D Hamster Kawaii Mold

Japan has a love for cuteness, known as kawaii, which has made its way into the food world. It's not uncommon to find lattes topped with foam bears that wobble, or animals with big eyes and round faces sculpted out of rice. If you want to have a go at your own kawaii creation, this 3D hampster cake mold is bound to get a lot of "aww's" around the dining table. You can read more about Japan's kawaii culture here.

Hamster silicon cake mold with a ready-made hamster cake sat next to it with chubby cheeks

Christmas Bundt Cake

The original Bundt mold was created by Nordic Ware and was modeled on the traditional German sweet bread, Kugelhopf (Gugelhopf), which has a distinctive ring shape. You'll now find different variations of the Bundt mold but what they all have in common are lots of ridges for catching powdered sugar or a drizzled glaze on top. The festive period is a great time to come up with some creative ideas for bundt cakes to enjoy alongside a cup of coffee. Some ideas to try are citrus, pumpkin and spices, rum, carrot, chocolate, cinnamon, and coffee.

Bundt cake on a dining table topped with icing

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Antique Copper Molds

Popular in Britain's Victorian times and 19th century France, these elaborate copper molds produced awe-inspiring cakes and jello creations. They were also used for more savory dishes for molding vegetable purees, forcemeats, pates, and ice. Once again curiosity and fascination have grown for these intricate molds not only for baking with but also for hanging as wall decorations - adding a cozy, vintage finish to kitchens. You can usually find these molds being sold second-hand at antique markets or online on sites like Etsy.

Antique copper cake mold with carvings of fruits and vegetables
LeBazarFrancais Antique Farmhouse Mold

Taiyaki Japanese Fish Mold

Commonly sold as street food, Taiyaki is a waffle-like cake that is in the shape of a Japanese seabream fish and is filled with a sweet red bean filling. You'll tend to see these fellas enjoyed at festivals, particularly for New Years' celebrations.

Japanese fish waffle cake maker

Architectural 3D Molds

Having worked as an architect designer and 3D visualizer, pastry chef Dinara Kasko is at the forefront of the trend around architectural baking. Today she's not only known for her innovative flavors but also for selling molds she produces on 3D modeling software. Geometric molds have taken over the dessert-making world and they make for a great showstopper for your next dinner party.

3D bubble cake which is blue at the bottom gradually fading into green and then yellow

Bûche de Noël/Yule Log

This chocolate sponge cake is a holiday dessert that has survived since the 19th century. Traditionally the vanilla sponge would be baked into a flat sheet which is lathered with a layer of chocolate cream before being rolled into a log shape. It is then topped with more chocolate cream and decorations to complete the woodland theme. In recent years, chefs and home bakers have been experimenting with new flavor combinations adding in fruit purees, nut creams, and marzipan, and playing with the shaping. If you want to save on the rolling you can use a mold. The trick when using a mold is to make use of your freezer to stiffen each layer  - here's a quick video for guidance.

Yule log cake mold with a holly leaf deign and a wood-effect texture
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