How to Make Nerikiri - Japanese Wagashi

Learn how to make and shape Japanese Nerikiri - a traditional sweet made with rice flour and white beans, and enjoyed with green tea.
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Olivia Higgs
Dec 22
2 mins
Dec 22
2 mins

Wagashi is used to describe a style of Japanese sweet which is enjoyed alongside tea. They tend to be styled to reflect the changing seasons but more modern versions are made into cartoon characters and animals. Mochi is one of the more internationally famous types of wagashi, but this recipe is for a different style of wagashi called nerikiri. This particular type is traditionally made with sweetened white bean paste and glutinous rice flour. These decorative desserts were first created by Japanese confectioners during the Edo period. See the full recipe below from Taiwanese pastry chef Amelie Hsieh (@patisseriecrave on Instagram) - their popularity in Taiwan is a lasting legacy of the era of Japanese colonization.


  • 100g shiroan (White bean paste)
  • 2g shirotamako (Glutenous rice flour)
  • 5g mizuame (rice syrup)
  • 1g green food colouring
  • 12g nerigiri dough (white)
  • 12g nerigiri dough (green)
  • 8g red bean paste
  • 2 edible silver leaf (optional)

(Serves 8)

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Step 1

Bring 100ml of water to a boil; whilst the water comes to temperature, bring the Shirotamako (Glutenous rice flour) together into a ball. Cook the dough ball in the boiling water for 1 minute. Once cooked, set aside in a bowl.

Step 2

Dry out the bean paste in a separate pan over a low to medium heat. Keep the mixture moving, and then pour in the Mizuame (rice syrup), along with your rice ball; remove from the heat and mix well. Decant onto a plate and work the dough into a smooth ball.

Step 3

Take 12g of the white dough and roll it into a disk. Use the tip of a knife to gradually add the food coloring to the dough. Work the color through the dough with your fingers, creating a ball, and then flatten back down to a disk. Add a ball of red bean paste to the disk's center and carefully shape the disk around the filling. Use your hands to roll the filled dough into a smooth sphere. Repeat using green dye.

Step 4

Cut each dough ball into 8 equal pieces.

Step 5

Place the alternate colored doughs together, reforming a ball from all the segments.

Step 6

With moist hands, gently press the seams of the dough together. It should now be relatively smooth.

Step 7

Top with some edible silver leaf and enjoy!

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